The Colour of Creatures - An Exhibition by Steve Browne - Friday April 28th 6pm - late & Saturday April 29th 9am - 6pm

The Vinyl Cafe

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Join us for an unforgettable art exhibition featuring a brand new body of work by the imaginative artist Steve Browne. This is his forth solo exhibition and promises to take us on a journey down the rabbit hole and into the depths of Steve's creative mind.

Be transported to a fantastic and magical world, full of playful fantasy, imagination and strange, but enchanting creatures. Experience a colourful explosion of visual delight that is sure to pop like gum for the eyes.

Steve's art is a unique blend of weird and wonderful creatures that will leave you mesmerized and inspired. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to be immersed in Steve's incredible fantasy world, where reality and imagination collide in a spectacular display of creativity.

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