Surefire Smoked BBQ Kitchen Takeover - Sunday 10th December 11am - 4pm

The Vinyl Cafe

Regular price $160.00

Surefire Smoked BBQ are bringing you another amazing platter, this time with the introduction of the Ruben. Prime black angus brisket cured for 4 weeks then smoked for 14 hours packed between Scottie’s Bavarian rye sourdough. (not to be missed!)

We also have the most succulent pork belly burnt ends , with in a house made BBQ and lime glaze which has just the right amount of sweet and sourness to cut through the richness perfectly. Plus much more items to indulge in .

There are limited tickets on this one as the platter is quite labour intensive to put together so get in quick it will sell out fast !

Menu -

- Smoked Margaret river Wagyu brisket , tallow mustard gravy
- Smoked Pastrami Reuben , on Scottie's Bavarian rye sourdough
- BBQ , Lime , Pork Belly Burnt Ends & BBQ lime dip
- Mexican Beef and Cheddar sausage with Elote dip
- Mexican street corn ( Elote) Lime and chilli Slaw
- Smoked Egg , smoked -Bacon Caesar salad
- Bavarian Rye bread
- Pickles 
Finished off with Scotties fresh hot Donuts 
Platter for 4 - 5 people = $160
Service is at 1pm