TICKETS - Vinyl Cutting Master Class at Vinyl Cafe Leederville

The Vinyl Cafe

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If you've ever wanted to hear your original music on vinyl or learn about the process of cutting music to vinyl then this is the master class for you.
All attendees of this event will not only learn about the cutting process but leave with a copy of their original music cut on vinyl. If you don't have any music and just want to learn about the process that's fine too of course.
The workshop will be run by Mega Mike from Perth Vinyl Recording who has 14 years experience and several vinyl lathe set ups to demonstrate. After an initial presentation where Mega will explain the process in detail you can observe up close and personal as your music is cut to vinyl in a hands on workshop.
If you'd like to delve further into the vinyl manufacturing process representatives from XVINYLX will be present to answer any questions you may have about vinyl pressing on a larger scale.
The event will take place at Vinyl Cafe in Leederville which is a licensed restaurant & record store. So food and beverages will be available to purchase throughout the event.
Strictly limited to 20 tickets to ensure maximum benefit for each attendee and the opportunity to have plenty of time for each person to cut at least one original track to vinyl.
Facebook event details at: https://facebook.com/events/s/vinyl-cutting-master-class-at-/3078815188833705/?ti=cl