Why the rebrand from 'Rhubarb Records Vinyl' Café to just 'Vinyl Café?

Posted by Dylan Sainsbury on

'Rhubarb Records Vinyl Café' was originally part of the 'Rhubarb Records brand when opened by Dylan Sainsbury in 2017. However as 'Rhubarb Records Vinyl Café' had become more focused on food, beverage and events to compliment the record buying experience the decision was made that Liam Lynch (Dylan's brother & co-owner of Rhubarb Records) would take over full ownership of Rhubarb Records in East Vic Park as well as the brand in 2020. Rhubarb Records is predominantly a retail store whilst 'Vinyl Café' is a mixed use space including a licensed café, large selection of new and used vinyl records for sale as well as having a barber shop under the same roof called Billy Black's Barbering Experience.

Dylan decided that the Rhubarb Records Label which he had been running for four years would be wrapped up in 2020 too. During the labels time Dylan worked with over 40 local bands to release their music on vinyl and helped to launch some very successful music careers. One of the labels highlights was industry recognition in the form of a WAM award in 2019 for best independent label. 

'Rhubarb Records Vinyl Café' became 'Vinyl Cafe' with the new logo by artist Steve Browne. Steve also painted some amazing murals on the the front and inside our café.

'Vinyl Café' is now fully licensed and trading Monday to Saturday plus available to book for private functions. 

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